a red textured cover with the title in large script lettering a black field with chaotic shapes, offset by a single perfect circle in the center with the title inside a minimal white cover with the title at the bottom in beige a deco inspired design with the title in a white circle emmitting gold rays over a field of black a vivid yellow field with dense white text of what isn't part of a calm company, punctuated by the title in black a salmon fields with a white borderand horizontal white lines flowing around circles the title in a colorful round nebula in front of a field of stars a large red x crosses out undesirable workplace habits with the title over the top a white cover with a Sumi brush infinity symbol an office building relaxing on a massage table with a big bold yellow title on a cobalt field outlines of bodies like you find at a crime scene with labels pointing to each, calling out bad work habits a teal cover with a white border, and white EKG lines repeating down the page