Adam is… old. Not really (kinda), but Internet years? Ancient. He was making websites back when websites were mostly just sliced up pictures or a thing you made with an app named after that superhero who jogs fast.

He’s so old that he has a whole degree for designing stuff that *wasn’t* for the Internet (it seemed like a good idea at the time). Questionable life choices aside, he put those skills to use in his work, bringing the good parts of print design to modern digital design.

It worked out. Those skills landed him some pretty sweet gigs, like running the Brand & Experience team at Basecamp and leading product at YNAB.

His work has won those awards that you suspect might be B.S. (they are), and published in those fancy, expensive design books that you find in equally fancy, equally expensive bookstores.

When he’s not designing, Adam can be found spending time with his lovely family in Sacramento, CA. Well, that and pretending he still lives in L.A.

He does *not* speak in third person in real life. That’d be weird.

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The scowly face is how you can tell Adam is a very serious, extremely professional designer.

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